Meet Harold Borbridge...

I am a lifelong Alaskan with deep historical roots. My Grandmother is from Noorvik and my Grandfather is from King Island. Alaska is my home.


I’ve welcomed new Alaskans, said goodbye to many who left Alaska and eventually, came back–only to bump into them again –while they are shopping at the local stores. It used to be a surprise but anymore it’s: “So, you came back” and a smile. Alaska is a special place.


Born and raised in Sitka, Alaska to Ted and and Cecilia Borbridge, both hard working, strong and resourceful parents.


Our mother once told us: that’s the corner where I stood with ten cents in my pocket. Our Father was a founding member of the local ANCSA Shee Atika Corp. Both worked at the jobs available; government positions and they put in the hours and time to raise their family of five kids. They found time to pursue their interests and contribute to their community! “Do it for yourself, what ever you do, make it, create it and make it happen on your own-don’t rely on anyone,” , was my Father’s advice.


After graduating from Sitka High School,the calling to work on the Alaska pipeline was every young person’s dream.


A year training at trade school in Denver, Colorado and a career with the Operating Engineers 302 Union, dispatched from a light duty to heavy equipment mechanic for various companies building the Trans-Alaska pipeline.


After the pipeline adventure, the words of: Do it for yourself led me to earning accounting and economics degrees from the University of Alaska; Fairbanks.1989-1993. 


Education truly does open doors and I’ve earned and worked positions with the Alaska Department of Natural Resources –Parks, showing how you can solve a problem with three variables to engineers and with the Alaska Department of Education, calculating and answering questions to the Legislators for the then new education funding formula. This old formula-developed by consultants -is still the basis of today’s State education funding.


I’ve put in time with the Oil industry as an accounting analyst, observing and learning the value and importance of the oil industry to our State economy. After the price war and pandemic –Now, more than ever our oil Industry and State are in it together! We need steady, sound and predictable policy for our oil partners!


Economics is fascinating, but sometimes not always a rosy picture. After the University of Alaska system moved operations to Southeast Alaska, the Sheldon Jackson College was struggling with enrollment and resources. I received a call and explained to the school President,unless drastic changes were made: the college schools days were numbered,apparently this was the wrong answer and I was shown the door and for good measure the new CFO happily banned me from playing afternoon pick-up basketball at the college’s gym; not bad for saying: “You’re $900,000 in the hole, the carpetbaggers are looking to buy up your valuable land and Sheldon Jackson’s operation will only last another 18 months –at most.” We chalked it up to experience. The school shut down the next year and Sheldon Jackson College became a victim of progress.


The yearning to be on my own led to the opening of a small management consulting company in 2006, to provide technical support for small rural city and village councils. Lots of proposal writing, business planning, council dispute resolution and working with a variety of professional industries: banks, engineers, other management consultants and coordination with Federal agencies to ensure projects and programs are successfully completed for the benefit of our client community’s residents.


It’s been a roller coaster ride: some of the of best of times and a little of the worst of times. My Dad was right and it’s been a rewarding and fascinating experience! Following my Father’s advice has led me to: board meetings, council meetings, corner offices with beautiful views and departments for the State of Alaska, all were staffed with very brilliant and talented people with positions in the private sector and government.


The State is now teetering on economic disaster and we’ll need all hands on deck to get through the tremendous challenges facing our State!


I am asking for YOUR vote and support for Senator District M. Let’s do this together!