Harold Borbridge

State Senate - District M


"I will represent ALL Alaskans, not a select few special interests."

    ~ Harold Borbridge


             (907) 237-6382

Public Safety First! 

The FIRST JOB of government: Protect Our Citizens!  Nothing works better to improve public safety than a: Strong and growing private sector; opportunity!; Jobs, Lower crime, Improved neighborhoods.  A growing bureaucracy = high crime.  Private Sector Let’s develop our private economy and - STOP being the Deadliest State in the nation.  Let’s be the Safest State!

Fully Fund Education! 

Demand Accountability!  Support our teachers!  Smaller classroom sizes, Less overhead, More classroom support!  Let’s be First in the Nation for Education!



Follow the law on the PFD! We are a nation of laws! Fully fund the statutory amount.


Department of Human Health Services ( DHHS )

Responsible State Government Spending!  Support our providers of healthcare; the latest technology to support an effective, affordable health care system.  Accountability counts, Federal obligations for health care must remain within federal-tribal compacts; improves our rural health care systems, more value for all Alaskans!  Effective Affordable Healthcare!

I am adamantly opposed to the binding caucus as it is a direct assault on equal legislative representation. Some legislators state that without a "Binding Caucus" we would have chaos! What do we currently have?


An individual can donate up to $500. All donations to my campaign are deeply

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